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Easter in Cyprus

The most celebrated religious holiday in Cyprus is Easter as the majority of the population areCyprus oven Greek orthodox. 

"Easter is the most important religious holiday in the Greek Orthodox Church.  The date of Greek Orthodox Easter is based on a modified Julian calendar. In 2014 Greek Orthodox Easter will coincide with Easter in the Western Churches which use a different calendar, the Gregorian. The date this year is April 20th."

We have a page that describes all the tradition that is involved with this holiday in Cyprus such as things they eat and rituals and other things that are unique to Cyprus.

You can view it here:

Cyprus Wine Routes

If you live in Cyprus or planing to visit and looking for something to do, we have an enjoyable experience especially if you enjoy your wine.  Wine has been made in Cyprus for thousands of years and if trying some variety of award winning wines sounds like the thing for you then you must visit some of the wineries on the island. There are some truly amazing flavors that are rich and unique to Cyprus and what better way to taste the wines than right where they are made.

Cyprus has 6 Wine Routes all in Paphos and Limassol and while you are visiting these places you will get to see parts of the country with outstanding views that you may not visit otherwise and will also bring you back to a Cyprus of the past. Far from all the popular tourist areas and up high in the mountains where the grapes are grown and the wines have been made by families and past down from past generations.

Anarita Property Price Reduced

Spacious Bungalow in Anarita - Price Just Reduced 

Large Plot and covered outside area

  - Cyprus - Custom design villa is located in the outskirts of Anarita and is within 10 minutes of 3 golf courses, Paphos International Airport, Paphos Town and the new American Academy Private School. Anaita village is well served with local shops, bars and restaurants. The popular coastal village and beaches of Mandria is a short 5 minute drive away. 

• 250 sq. m., 3 bath, 4 bdrm bungalow -€395,000 EUR - Custom Designed Villa

The single storey villa is ‘L’ shaped in design and the main entry is into a spacious lounge with feature gas fire. The kitchen and dining room is accessed through an arch and patio doors from the dining room lead to the front veranda. The bedrooms and bathrooms make up the other wing of the house, the master bedroom is larger than average and has a lovely marble en suite bathroom, patio doors lead directly onto the veranda, pool and gardens. The remaining two bedrooms share a large family bathroom / wetroom. 

The covered veranda extends the full length of property, creating a peaceful atmosphere in this green oasis and plenty of seating areas to enjoy the tranquility. The property is very private, accessed by a private drive and surrounded by mature gardens and a citrus orchard. The pool is 5.5 X 11 and heated, surrounded by ample patio area and bordered by an established colourful garden. 

The plot area has a 60% build density providing lots of scope for extension or an additional property.

Carnival 2014 Time in Cyprus

The time is upon us again for the much celebrated Carnival season. In Cyprus this is truly a big event where all people around the island celebrate together and really enjoy the Carnival Parades and parties.
The program for the 2014 Limassol Carnival will be between February 20th to March 2nd. Activities will run every day and the final day (March 2nd) ends with the Grand Carnival parade which will begin at the Ayios Nikolaos round about and end at Simillides traffic light. 
Cyprus Carnival

Cyprus, My Poor Cyprus

Our lovely Cyprus is in extreme danger facing the dilemma of bankruptcy or losing the ability to rule the island joining TROIKA plans. On the 15th of March the Eurogroup blackmailed Cypriot president and minister of economics to accept a cut on the deposits of the island in order to give financial help to the country. This caused thousand of people to run in the ATM’s to take as much money as they can creating a mess. The goal of this plan from the TROIKA is to kick out the Russian depositors from Cyprus, destroy the island’s banking sector and as a result TROIKA to have the full control of the island which as all we know soon enough will have the control of  natural gas.

But let’s remember how all started. Sure Cyprus had its own problems during the years but actually everything became very bad due to one decision of the European Union concerning Greece. Explaining this I need to refer that banks of Cyprus have bought in a big amount, government papers of Greece. When Greece had their huge problems and they asked help from Europe, TROIKA decided to cut their debt in order their debt to be able to be paid back. But this had huge reflect to Cyprus banks which had bought from before big amount of government papers which after the cut of Greece debt, they worth almost nothing. This caused enormous problems to Cyprus banks which at some point they couldn’t react and so government applied for help to Europe and TROIKA. After a long period of negotiating and delays which mostly were caused by Germans and their accusations of money laundry in Cyprus, brought the country at a point just before the bankrupt. So we come on 15th of March night time when TROIKA blackmailed Cyprus with taking their plan with cut on deposits of the island’s banks or leave the country to bankrupt. But all know in Cyprus that this solution will push all the depositors to lose their trust in the Cyprus banking sector and take all their money and put in other banks which will let in totally destroying the banking sector which is the biggest employer in Cyprus with related services. This will lead in a situation that Cyprus will totally rely on TROIKA so Cyprus loses the rule of the island and the rule of the natural gas. The president brought this plan to the parliament to vote, but the parliament taking the pulse of the proud Cypriot people, decided not to give in and to vote “NO”. Here we must take into consideration that Cyprus is not fighting only for themselves but also for other countries of Euro zone in need such as Spain, Italy, Greece, Ireland, Portugal and who knows who is next.  This plan about cutting money from the savings of the people in the banks or the deposits of the investors is daylight robbery.  What is the difference if somebody comes inside your house to steals your money?  And if it happens one time in Cyprus, for sure TROIKA will keep using it in other countries in need. Now Cyprus is trying to find something different as plan for saving the country but things are very difficult and TROIKA is even stricter as to what they want. It seems that hope is the last weapon for the current time of speaking and writing.

Let’s hope that other countries will wake up as well and stop this kind of dictator policies inside the European Union from countries like Germany and their companions. Let’s stop the Europe of markets and create the Europe of people.

Let’s  cross fingers for our lovely Cyprus…


Every year Limassol is hosting the biggest and the most important event in Cyprus-the carnival. There are few versions from where came this celebration which Cypriots celebrating for centuries.

One of versions says that this have been established under Venetian rule around the 16th century. The other version which is more believed is that it has been influenced by Greek traditions, such as festivities for wine and celebrating the God Dionysus. For both versions the celebration involves dressing in costumes.

In Cyprus the carnival is called “Apokries” which means “without meat”. The celebration starts 10 days before the fasting accordingly to Greek Orthodox calendar. Three main parades take place during Carnival.

The first is held on the first day ‘tsiknopempti’ the last week when you are allowed to eat meat), during which the "Carnival King" enters the decorated town. This year it was chosen the queen not the king and she is called ‘the queen of crisis and bliss’  to remind the people that you have to keep smiling even though the difficult times now. The second week called ‘Tyrini’ which means ‘cheese’ and it is symbolizing the week when you are allowed to eat only dairy products excluding the meat. The second parade is held on the first Sunday of the festival and the participants are mainly children. As well during this week of carnival there are seasonal specialties such as certain pastries like Bourekia which is filled with mint flavor anari cheese or cream and Kataifi are made.

The third and largest carnival takes place on the last Sunday, and involves hundreds of people walking in costumes along the town's longest avenue.  The parade will begin with queens of the parade float accompanied with serenades singers and dancers. The parade will last untilnight time. After if the ball will be held and the best costume of carnival will be chosen and awarded.

During the carnival period a lot of events like serenade singing, costume balls and many more events are held in Limassol so every day is a celebration before the fasting starts. All the other towns also celebrate and have their own parades. Paphos has a lot of parties and special events but none are as elaborate as in Limassol. 

This spectacular event is definitely worth not to be missed if you live in Cyprus or you are visiting.

Holiday Tips When Traveling to Cyprus

Summer is coming and most of you are thinking where to spend your vacation. If you decide to choose Cyprus as a destination you should keep in mind these simple tips.
Popular holiday spot in Kato Paphos
First of all the choice of the hotel in Cyprus is important. Double check hotel reviews as you don't want to completley trust a description on an agent’s website. Some sites are not updated regularly or they may even receive a kick back! So, always check other travelers experience in particular hotels which you are thinking to choose and the photos taken by the traveler’s in that hotel. If reviews are at least 70% positive you can choose the hotel and photos will show the real situation of the accommodation. Be aware that there are no cheap AND good hotels in Cyprus. If the price is very low comparing to the same category hotels you should become suspicious as it said you always get that for what you paid so if you pay 10 euro per night in summer for hotel don’t expect something good.

Secondly if you can arrange your transfer before you come to Cyprus do it and I will tell you why. If you come night time or on public holidays or not in high season it will be very difficult to find public transfer. As in the most countries the taxi drivers will try to charge as much as they can so you might end up paying triple price for the same transfer which you could book from before. Other option is to rent a car which is highly recommended in Cyprus as distance between attractions could be high or not reachable by public transport or walking.

When you arrive at the hotel and got accommodated go around and explore the neighborhood. Make your list before what you would like to see so you will be able to plan for time. A good thing is to ask locals what they recommend to see which is not in your list then you can discover real pearls of architecture or nature.

I would recommend having few meals outside even if you are planning to book an all inclusive or full board basis in a hotel as that’s how you will be able to feel the taste of the real life of Cyprus. You can also check the restaurants on the internet or the best option is to ask the staff of the hotel or locals what they can advise as a best restaurant for local food. The best restaurants among locals are not always included in tourist guides or in excursions provided by agent.

Regarding tips you should leave starting from 1.00 euro and up to much as you feel someone deserves. If you want to leave below 1 Euro, it is better not leave anything as waiter will be offended. Service employees are generally paid poorly so they do rely on tips however, not all deserve great tips but some go out of their way to provide a good experience and they should be compensated in my opinion.

Last, but not least is the souvenirs. It’s good to check prices in a few souvenirs’ shops before you make your decision to buy something as prices and quality may vary. If there are several souvenir shops in the area there are more chances to find a better price for the item you want in one of them. Do not try to negotiate the price unless you are buying a large amount of souvenirs as the owner of the shop will feel insulted and this is the least thing you want to do.

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Cyprus Today

Cyprus geographically is at the crossroads of 3 continents and economically is at another crossroads and Cyprus must choose the road it will travel. When we look back a few years from now we will know if the leaders took us to the right path or not but at the moment we are in such a deep path that it's hard to see which is the best way to go.

Just looking at the news stories about Cyprus today you can see that they are all over the news and it will show you how significant a time we live in. Reuters writes about Cyprus issuing a license to a French company to drill offshore which is the third company that they have signed with in a year. You can also read about it at the Huffington post.

Another headline is the bailout that Cyprus is working to get from the EU and whether it will be granted or not. Germany has issues with some of the ways that Cyprus banking business has been conducted in Cyprus and wants to insure that certain practices are not continued, mainly, what they think has been going on is Russian money laundering through the Cypriot banks. 

Its a very scary time but it can be very exciting as well. In my opinion whatever happens now will only be for the good because there is only one way to go when things are so bleak, which they are now and for the last couple of years. Cyprus has many resources besides the new found gas and as the new elections are weeks away I am very optimistic about what 2013 and beyond has in store for our little island. 

Residency in Cyprus for non EU Citizens

If you are a not an EU citizen and would like to become one, there is a way to buy your way in. Cyprus housing market has struggled in the last few years and the government has come up with a plan to boost the market. A non EU citizen can now be able to gain citizenship with a purchase of a home with a price above Euro 300,000. This has been a popular move as there has been many families taken advantage of the new law.<< MORE >>

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Email us your Cyprus story If you have an interesting true life experience that you would like to share. Send it to us and if we publish it we will send you €25. As long as it's not published anywhere else.

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